The FM3D metal etcher.

Etch copper, brass and zink.

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The perfect new machine for labs & shops

Make and prototype with a Geeetech i3 add on

PCB, Jewellery, RF, .SVG & Gerber files.

Etch copper with saltwater and electricity.
No noise, dust, or toxic waste.

The Fluid Metal PCB Etcher

Finally, an easy to use desktop machine for PCB etching from the comfort of your own workspace is here.

The Fluid Metal PCB etcher gives you full control of your prototyping process. It is fast and easy to setup and you can get to work right away.

Make single sided PCBs within a few hours directly from a CAD model and without ferric chloride, UV light or a master copy. No hassle, no toxic waste, no mess.

Just a smooth workflow, so you can focus on what you do best.

Does flex PCB

Metals fully recoverable in solid form

0.05mm etching

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The FM3D PCB etcher is being launched in a limited quantity soon.

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New maker capabilities

The Fluid Metal 3D PCB etcher removes copper by jetting saltwater and electricity through a nozzle in a process called electroetching. It removes copper down to a width of 0,05mm (50 microns), and a depth of 3mm. This allows you to make more compact boards in your lab/shop than ever before. And it does it at 100 times the speed of normal electrodeposition.

You can also try subtractive machining on different metals, alloys and conductive polymers.

Learn more about the technology behind FM3D here.

A Renaissance in making

3D printers brought a revolution and changed the making game. At FM3D, we have reinvented working with metal to make it easy, fast, safe and at room temperature with a low cost desktop machine.
We are soon launching the etcher and in the future a metal 3D printer.
To find out more visit the Technology page.

You have control of the full process, so you can go from idea to finished product at your pace and in your own time.

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Unleash your creativity

Use our metal etcher to bring your artwork to life in metal. Take your creations from an .SVG file to make copper engravings, metal decorations, jewellery and anything you can think of.


Who could tell working with metal wouldn’t need heat or friction?

Sounds like magic, right?

This new paradigm of working with metal and conductive materials opens a range of endless possibilities. We invite you to explore with us this unchartered territory and want to see what you can do with it. Tinker and play as you please and let us know what you think!

After all, it’s about giving YOU the power to make ANYTHING!

FM3D outperforms other etching methods

FM3D CNC Routing Ferric Chloride Etching Fabhouse
Single process
5 steps
Order, pickup & inspection
Waiting time
3 hr
3 hr
3 hr
1 week
Trace width
50 microns
150 microns
100 microns
100 microns
Dust & noise
Hazardous waste
Paper & plastic
Aluminum PCB
Flex PCB
Rogers PCB

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